Transforming Lives


'Margdarshi' means who guides on the right path. We, as an organisation are committed to nurture and build the talent pool of the country right from the formative stage to the employment stage. It calls for appropriate experience to handle such a huge responsibility. The team backed by the right managerial, administrative and execution skills marches towards its vision with utmost zeal.  

Vision: Margdarshi strives to impart effective intervention at appropriate level to improve the life skills as well as livelihood skills of the youth, so that they contribute to societal growth in an effective manner. It shall also proactively engage with the corporate sector to fulfill their societal responsibilities and  grow and co-exist with the stake holders .

Margdarshi pioneers its work under the aegis of Gyanjyoti Foundation, a registered charitable Trust set up in 2010. It set up its first Skills Academy at Koramangala, Ejipura Main Road on August 15, 2015.